Deltaclip International B.V. is the inventor of the patented paperclip made of paper and is established in April 2011 in the Netherlands. Deltaclip International B.V. sells the innovative and sustainable paperclip made of certified paper and launched the newly developed trendy and colourful Deltaclips, the larger Memoclip and the personalized clip into the office and promotional market. Deltaclip sells into both the European and North-American market. The Deltaclip is unique through its multi-functionality multifunctionnality:

  • easy to attach up to 15 pages
  • can be written on
  • to organize, access and finish refine documents quickly and efficiently
  • Professional communication value
  • can be personalized (company’s logo)

Using certified paper for the paperclips makes it an environmentally friendly alternative to the metal clip and guarantees that the production process is socially responsible and sustainable. The Deltaclip is the alternative for the paperclip responding to the demands of the 21st century with its environmentally friendly and trendy appearance.



Although the Deltaclip is a completely new concept and uses a new binding principle “folding”, it is still very intuitive and simple to attach. The Deltaclip will hold the sheets of paper together by itself. It therefore replaces staples trombones or paperclips.

hoe werkt het

Attaching the Deltaclip takes three easy steps:

  • Slide insert the sheets of paper in the triangular form
  • Bend the visible rectangle form backwards
  • Push the U-shaped  form behind the opening in the back of the clip