Personalized Deltaclip

The personalized Deltaclip as communication brand!

As part of the environmentally friendly value-added items in the business-to-business market the Deltaclip also shows the environmentally conscious nature of the non-profit and governmental organizations.

The Deltaclip reinforces corporate identity awareness, and can give exhibition presentations and promotional documents an exclusive and distinguishing touch. It can also be used to explicitly communicate themes of a direct mailing highlighting special offers, services, product introductions. Besides all this, it can of course simply be used for your company’s daily mailing activities.

Your logo or other essential information is framed by the special properties of the Deltaclip to transfer your document into a real eye-catcher. The Deltaclip catalyses your high quality material, offers countless creative possibilities to make a clear statement to end-users that your company distinguishes itself from competition by an exemplifying environmentally conscious and innovative policy.